Ball Machine Rental Policy

The ball machine policy at Nashua Swim and Tennis will be as follows:

  1. All ball machine reservations must be made through the Reception Staff.
  2. The ball machine rental is $30 per hour
    -- $20 payable to Peter Paltsios for the rental and $10 payable to NSTC for court time. Junior Members can rent the machine for $175 for the season. Family Rental is $275 for the season.
  3. "First Time" ball machine users must contact Peter Paltsios (978-835-9752) to receive proper instruction on the operation of the ball machine.
  4. It is essential that all balls and equipment be picked up promptly at the end of the court rental period.
  5. Ball machine rental must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or you will be subject to a $10 late cancellation fee.
  6. Any questions regarding the ball machine rental policy please contact Peter Paltsios @ 978-835-9752.
Print the Ball Machine Policy Flyer.